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Child abuse, Incest, Fighting the courts, Child molestation, Justice system, Father molesting his children, Seeking justice for child abuse

Our Babies are Crying for Justice
by Mom

Our Babies are Crying for Justice is a heart-wrenching true story of one of the eight children, a ten year old little girl, who made her horrific disclosure of her father's sexual and physical abuse towards her. And the mother of the eight children compelled to protect her children, followed the law step by step only to discover the justice system, the courts were as abusive as the children's father if not worse. As one editor in a local newspaper wrote " when Justice turns to Injustice", it truly was. The original abuse and the years of legal abuse left detrimental scars on the family. More scars than anyone could ever imagine.

The author is the mother of the eight children whose ages are one to twelve years old. Heartbroken beyond measure and an over-whelming feeling of guilt that she didn't protect the children, the mother is now alone to care for the eight children and seek professional help to heal the children.

The author walks us through the unbelievable justice system who maintains the victims as victims.

The author grips our very hearts and souls as we can feel her pain, confusion and anguish as she desperately tries to protect her children.

The author wrote her story to offer assistance to families facing these horrific events and hopefully to change the justice system accordingly.


Kurt Hershey

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