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Fear, Emotions, Learning, Solomon, Curiosity, New experiences

The Red Path
by Nima Sheikhy

One day, you will go down the red path. There is something there you must experience…

Hidden deep in the heart of a humble forest, nestled in a beautiful castle, live King Nate and his wife Maya. Life in their kingdom is exceedingly interesting. The King is not only able to speak to animals—it is his mission to spread inner peace, hope, and love to all.

When King Nate’s daughter, Hooda, discovers a mysterious red path on the castle grounds, her father tells her that she isn’t ready to walk down it quite yet. But curiosity leads to confusion, which creates more curiosity, and soon Hooda can’t resist exploring the red path. What she finds there will start a whole new chapter in her life: one where she learns to face her fears and overcome them…with a little help, of course.

Red Path is a morality tale for people of any age. It teaches us that with five deep breaths and a little wisdom, we can all face our fears and discover a world of wonder.

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Nima Sheikhy is a life coach and real estate professional. He was born and raised in a middle-class family in Iran, his home full of books, art, stories, poems, and movies. His mother was a poet who encouraged him to pass his message to the world. Sheikhy began to write poetry of his own at fifteen, then short stories based on his life. He loves to swim, meditate, and connect with his spiritual side. For more than two decades he has been a student in Rumi classes.

Nima has lived in Vancouver, Canada, for almost three decades. He lives there with his two children, Donya and Daniel.


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