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Crime, Killer, Murder, Drugs, Vancouver, Overdose, Harm reduction

The Opiate Murders
by Justin Sand

Every city has its secrets, Victoria British Columbia is no different. Behind the veil lurks a killer that preys on the vulnerable who have been made invisible by their own city’s greed. What is the true price of a city’s indifference? And what monsters reside at the edge of it? The Opiate Murders is the story of one woman’s struggle to expose a killer. It’s the story of a city turned against itself in the time of pandemic. Kate is a harm reduction worker on the front line of a coming storm. Gloria is the lead detective on a case that until now seemed nonexistent. Together they pull back the cities veil and expose a ring of murderers operating throughout the lower mainland of Vancouver and Victoria B.C.

Justin Sand is a Canadian author living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The Opiate Murders is his third novel. He is also the author of The Enhancer and The Long Way Home. Justin holds degrees in both Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Victoria. He is currently working with specialized youth in the Addiction and Mental Health fields.


Justin Sand

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