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Sri Lankan Civil War, Tamil Coming of Age, Jaffna Sri Lanka, Gang violence, Sri Lankan-Canadian, Immigration narrative, Young adult romance.

Sunrise, Sunset
by R. A. Douglas

From civil war to turf wars, the Srither twins go from the ruins of Jaffna, Sri Lanka to the suburbs of Canada in search of a new life. The struggle to survive versus the struggle to fit in, intercepted by new friendships, bad company, and budding romances, turn their lives into an almost typical high school drama. Will they survive? More importantly, will they fit in? Will Akil ever win the heart of the perfect La Reine Jacob? Relive those high school butterflies and teenage dilemmas through this coming of age story, while taking a trip from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, to the boroughs of Toronto.

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Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, and raised in multicultural Toronto, Canada, R. A. Douglas juggled both eastern and western cultures while growing up. Her passion for writing began in a grade six when she began scrapbooking and keeping journals. Throughout her teenage years she used writing as tool of expression, and later as an outlet to escape the mundane. Using her personal experiences and those of her fellow Sri Lankans’, she wrote the first draft of her first book, “Sunrise, Sunset,” at the age of fifteen. Encouraged by her English teacher and a few close friends, R. A. Douglas embarked on the fifteen-year journey of writing, rewriting, and editing this book, realizing her dream of one day being a published author. Her ambition is to inspire and challenge young people through novels, poetry, short stories, and films.


R. A. Douglas

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