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false accusation, twist ending, justice served, heist, political thriller, legal thriller, President of the United States

Only In America
by Luciano Cannucci

Larry Evans is an innocent man, and the president of the United States keeps tweeting about him.

While on a business trip to New Jersey, Larry is having a relaxing drink at the hotel bar. The next day, he stands in front of a judge, facing assault charges.

He didn’t do anything, but tell that to the multiple eye witnesses. The case whips up a media frenzy, and soon everyone is chiming in on his guilt or innocence—including state and federal officials. Larry loses his job and spends his days behind bars, reading the media reports swirling around him.

When video surveillance footage of the night at the hotel bar surfaces, Larry enlists the help of Benjamin Dowds, an attorney with a dubious background, to sue everyone who has wronged him. And if he plays his cards right, he might just expose the corruption at the heart of the American government before they shut him down.

If only the American government were in charge.

"In Luciano Cannucci’s thriller Only in America, a Canadian visitor is caught up in a controversial US legal battle that spirals into a chaotic international mystery. Throughout the story, the reliability of the US justice system is called into question, as is the value of the twenty-four-hour news cycle. The US’s cultural vulnerabilities are exploited, and an innocent man is threatened with prison."

- Foreword Clarion Review

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Luciano Cannucci was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where he grew to love writing short stories and several screenplays (unpublished). The spark of an idea came to him while he was on a business trip, one night back in his hotel room, and Only in America, his debut novel, is the result.

He lives with his wife, Monica, in Montreal, Quebec


Luciano Cannucci

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