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African stories, African fables, Animal fables, Foundational myths, Oral tradition, Stories about values, Tradition

The Untold Voices Of The African Animals
by Hicks Ambira

This is a collection of stories or fables that were passed down verbally from generation to generation. As far as I know, they have never been written down before. It is my intent to bring them to life for you. In the African culture, Itto is a spirit, often changing shapes and characters. This is why it will appear as a man in one story, a hare in another one, or the voice of reason you hear in your head. It is my pleasure to bring these stories to you and it is my hope that you will enjoy the journey.

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Hicks Ambira was born in Sudan which is now South Sudan. Hicks got his High School Education in Uganda and first bachelor Degree in Egypt, second degree in Scotland. Throughout his life, he traveled extensively throughout Africa (Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa). Hicks taught for 22 years in High School in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho within South Africa. Having been a teacher, he wants to preserve the African cultural morals and social norms for the young generations to read.


Hicks Ambira
Kat Schneider

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