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Animal adventures, Emotional regulation, Emotional wellbeing, Wise elephant stories, Stress management, Conscious parenting, Learn to be happy

Tuskie's Travels Volume 1
How to keep Kids Happy!
by Brenda Miller

Would you like to know the secrets of the universe? Tuskie the elephant would love to share them with you! He calls them his secret secrets because not everyone knows about them. The secrets are how to usher out upsetting emotions and dry up tears so you can get right back to playing! Follow Tuskie and his crew of animal friends as they go on adventures around the world, and on every trip, learn something remarkable—about themselves.

This collection of stories teaches kids and their parents to quickly go from grouchy & grumpy to grateful & playful. Each story provides a lesson to help make life a little less stressful: you learn how to dissolve anger before it detonates—in a way that makes you laugh—and how to give yourself and others grace instead of grief when a mistake is made. When you feel down, Tuskie’s many secret secrets will lift you back up and help make everyone in your home happier.

Author of The Kid Code, 30 Second Parenting Strategies "...the latest and greatest parenting book!" Reader Views "“I absolutely love your work—you are providing really powerful and practical techniques for parents.” Your book is phenomenal, your work is phenomenal. Everybody needs this book.” Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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Brenda taught conscious conflict resolution in six countries, authored, and founded the award-winning Kid Code—and five other books that help people with Instant Evolution Out Of Stress® to find calm and joy in their lives. They can be used in conjunction with the self-help parenting courses on, taught by Brenda and the Kid Code teachers. You are invited to join us to receive trustworthy support for you and your kids. These easy and effective strategies are the newest positive, peaceful parenting style.


Brenda Miller
Lindsey Servinski

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