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Female friendship, WWII survivor, Holocaust, Jewish children WWII, escaping Germany WWII, Concentration camps, Intergenerational friends

The Hat Box
by Cheryl C. Bertrand

In the wake of her father’s death, Katherine decides to volunteer at a nursing home. There she meets Hanna, a charming elderly woman with painful secrets, stored in an old hat box. Little by little, as their friendship progresses, Hanna’s story unfolds, reaching back to WWII Germany and a family torn apart in the onset of the Holocaust. Is there anything Katherine can do, in the present, to mend the fractures in Hanna’s past? The Hat Box is a heartwarming story of friendship, loss, and survival.

Cheryl C. Bertrand worked in several nursing homes in nursing for over thirty years, experiencing first-hand the way residents and their care givers come to know each other’s life stories. Since retiring, she’s continued to work in her local nursing home as a volunteer.

She lives with her husband in Clinton, Ontario. The Hat Box is her first novel.


Cheryl C. Bertrand

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