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Child abuse, Legacy of abuse, Sexual abuse, Abusive relationships, Abusive men, Abusive mothers, Abuse victims

The Evil Around Me
by Teresa Gillis

This is a story about a little girl that was abused mentally, verbally, physically and survived and wanted to share this story with anyone that was abused and mistreated in their lives. When you are abused by someone and you think there is no escape. There is always someone around you that loves you and wants to help. And if there is no one you have yourself to love and you can find a way out. You are not alone in this world. With everything she had been through even to this day she does not give up. Yes she could dwell on her past and let that take the best of her and give up. Her advise is never give up no matter how old you are. You are special in so many ways, and you are beautiful, and no one on this world can take that away from you. We are put on this world to love one another and to love ourselves, and to love God.


Teresa Gillis

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