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Harlow's Journey Home
by Ashley Tomassini-Labelle

It seems like every puppy is getting adopted except me! Am I too small? Is my fur the wrong color? What can I do? Maybe if I keep smiling and stay hopeful, the right family just might come along…

Follow Harlow on her exciting journey from the Caribbean to Canada and learn about how rescue dogs find their homes. Charmingly told from Harlow’s point of view, this heartwarming true story will appeal to young animal lovers and teach them there is a perfect family for every animal –big, small, short or tall.

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Harlow’s Journey Home is a true story, and Ashley Tomassini-Labelle's first book. She is a world-traveller who has seen her fair share of stray animals. When she met Harlow, she realized that even though she can’t save every animal, she could save at least one. She aims to encourage others to help animals in need and consider the adoption of rescues. Ashley looks forward to continuing her travels and lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her family.

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