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Bullying, Self-reliance in kids, Self-esteem in kids, Forest animals, Problem-solving, Deer and foxes, Friendship

The Brave Fawn
by Wafaa El-Tawil

Little Fawn is excited to go out and play without his parents around, as he is a big boy now. But when he does, Little Fox teases him and calls him names. Little Fawn doesn’t want to tell his parents, believing if he did, they would laugh at him and think he is too young to play outside. However, as time goes by, Little Fox doesn’t relent, and Daddy Deer can tell something is wrong with his son. Finally, after some encouragement, Little Fawn tells Daddy Deer that Little Fox is bullying him, and Daddy Deer helps Little Fawn come up with a solution by understanding why Little Fox is acting this way.

The Brave Fawn helps children learn how to deal with bullying and reiterates the golden rule—treat others as you want to be treated. Children who are or have been bullied will learn the importance of talking to someone they trust and asking for help.

The Brave Fawn highlights themes of bullying, self-confidence, bravery, empathy, and self-reliance for children ages 4 to 8.

Wafaa El-Tawil started reading stories and falling in love with them at a very early age. She was able to read and translate books from French to Arabic when she was only four years old. As she grew older, reading and writing became her hobby.

Wafaa has a master’s degree in civil engineering, a bachelor’s degree in education, and she is currently obtaining an Interior Design Diploma. Wafaa lives in Windsor, Ontario, with her husband, four girls, and cute cat. The Brave Fawn is her first book.


Wafaa El-Tawil
Sakshi Mangal

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