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Wodehouse Tradition, Adventure, Humour, British, Romance, 1930s, Suspense

I Always Win
by Jill Shakley

In this humourous story Rodney Goodale, a young would-be writer in London during the Great Depression, struggles to make a living until he finds a job as valet to the Hon. Frederick Oglethorpe, an eccentric gentleman with his own unusual priorities, and discovers a life full of the twists and turns of a country dance as they embark together on a sea-voyage to adventure, romance, and surprises.

"Jill Shakley" is actually Jill and James Shakley. Jill is very fond of vintage adventure and detective fiction. She has an MA from the University of Toronto and spent over forty years in health care. Born in England, James has had a diverse past but is interested in British military history and various kinds of art work. He especially enjoys art repair and restoration. They live in Toronto with their three cats.


Jill Shakley

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