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music in poetry, personal poetry, political poetry, nature poetry, African poetry, Visible Glory: The Million Man March, Spiritual Poetry

Facets Of Life
Pookie's Poetry by Sherman L. Fowler

An age-old riddle poses the question; which came first, the chicken or the egg? Step into Pookie's poetic world and mysteries will unfold, ignorance explode, and truth will be told.

You will realize that the egg is in the chicken and the chicken is in the egg, and that you cannot have one without the other. It will become self-evident that it doesn't matter which came first.

Step into Pookie's poetic world where mysteries unfold, ignorance explodes, truth is told, and you will expand the horizon of your thought.

- Babatunde Adewale Faola

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Sherman L. Fowler is an African-American Hall of Fame poet who was the protégé of the late poet Henry Dumas. He co-authored a book: VISIBLE GLORY: THE MILLION MAN MARCH, with Eugene B. Redmond and Marcus Atkins. He is also a co-founder of THE EUGENE B. REDMOND WRITERS CLUB, along with Eugene Redmond and Darlene Roy. His poetry appears in many magazines and anthologies.


Sherman L. Fowler

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