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adventure, library, magical books, fantasy, middle grade, BIPOC protagonist, book club

Book Club
by Debbie Lanting

Sometimes while reading, Kat swears that books come alive in her hands, taking her to distant places and on grand adventures. But it’s not just her imagination when she and Stew, the only members of Oakmeadow Elementary’s Book Club, discover living, breathing Books in their library.

The last thing Kat wants to do is let Jenna, a Ridge Rat from Oakmeadow’s rivalry school, join their club, and tell her about the Books. But when Kat learns that the town council may close Oakmeadow, Kat must put her prejudice aside. It’s only by teaming up with Jenna, the incredible Books, and the school’s eccentric librarian that she can stop Oakmeadow’s doors from closing for good.

Debbie Lanting has taught middle school students for over twenty years. During her commute home, she has often looked into the dimly lit windows of her public library at night, imagining the books coming to life. Book Club, her first novel and the first book of the Book Club trilogy, is the result.

She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and enjoys travelling and relaxing by a lake in cottage country.


Debbie Lanting
Norman Lanting

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