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salvation, Christianity, biblical reflections, prayer, faith, walk with God, quiet time

30 Days in the Word
Daily Devotional
by Sharna Knowles

Grounded in scripture and flowing with encouragement, 30 Days in the Word is more than just a daily devotional. Beginning with the person Jesus himself and covering the essential points of the gospel, this inspirational offering provides a concise summary of Christian practice and belief.

Utilizing verses, daily reflections, and life applications for every day of the month, author Sharna Knowles explains in concise terms the message of salvation. This devotional will help readers connect scripture to everyday life. Covering topics such as water baptism, the gifts of the Spirit, fasting, giving, and end time theology, 30 Days in the Word is a valuable resource for evangelists, discipleship classes, conferences, family studies, and high school Religion reference guide.

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Woman of Solid Faith in God. Wife, mother, evangelist. Sharna serves with Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. as a media missionary. Founding member of Strong Tower for all Nations. An ordained minister, Sharna loves listening to praise/ worship songs and having a good laugh. She believes in balance and production. Sharna possesses an extreme passion for children and youth, and she ministers at shelters as well as local and international camps.

She loves the phrase, “God, I am nothing without you, and I am everything with you.” God’s chosen, born with purpose and destiny to live and do the will of God.

“When your foundation is Jesus, you become unmovable, unshakeable, unstoppable, and unbreakable." —Sharna Knowles


Sharna Knowles

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