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bodybuilding, wellness, weightlifting, motivational fitness, improving health, exercise, competitive sports

The Good, the Bad, and the Heavy
The Bold Truth About Bodybuilding
by Chris Harrison

For a relatively new sport, competitive bodybuilding has quickly been given a tarnished reputation. From extreme dieting to steroid abuse, the general population’s perspective on the fitness industry and competitive bodybuilding can be judgmental and misinformed. Get an insider’s look into what makes competitive bodybuilding a positive and disciplined lifestyle choice. Learn the truth about the myths and misconceptions that surround this sport and the fitness industry. And finally, discover how having a solid team of support makes the experience of training and competing worth all the effort, win or lose.

"It’s a massive eye opener…

I highly recommend reading this book first. A lot of questions are answered that many individuals are afraid to ask and provides guidance with how to deal and cope with the changes their bodies may encounter, even the psychological ones….

Also, for those currently in bodybuilding and perhaps facing some struggles, these words offer a sense of connectivity and understanding that some may not get from their loved ones."

—JENNIFER McCANN, District Manager of Yummy Sports

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CHRIS HARRISON is quickly becoming one of Canada’s top bodybuilding athletes. He has a background in semi-professional baseball, culinary arts, firefighting, and medical training. He is the owner and head coach of Ironmind Fitness which specializes in; overall transformations, building muscle, weight loss, maintenance and competition preparation.


Chris Harrison

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