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Kid Power!
by Elizabeth Dozois

So many of us grew up hating science because of the way it was taught. If we want kids to get excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), we need to connect that learning to real-world power and discovery. KID POWER! follows two children who are trying to figure out how a huge boulder ended up in the middle of the school yard. As the mystery unfolds, we see kindergarten kids lifting a 100-pound concrete block with one hand and winning a tug-of-war where they’re outnumbered 20:1 – all with the assistance of simple machines. These high-impact experiences create an excitement that can fuel life-long learning. At the back of the book, you’ll find suggestions for ways to make simple machines come to life for the children in your life.

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Elizabeth Dozois is a consultant working to address social issues in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As an Associate of the Human Venture Institute, she also works with Ken Low and others at HVI to build capacity for adaptive learning among individuals, organizations, and communities. She is grateful to her brother, Stephen, for bringing her story to life visually, and to her family who love big, laugh often, fuel her explorations, and fill her world with joy.

Stephen Dozois is an artist and art instructor who also resides in Calgary. A fine art muralist for much of his career, he now focuses mainly on painting landscapes and urbanscapes of his beautiful province. His work hangs in both private and corporate collections. Stephen would like to thank his sister for the exciting challenge of illustrating her first children’s book.


Elizabeth Dozois
Stephen Dozois

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