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Whispers in the Medina
by Bonnie Ridley Kraft

When a fellow agent inexplicably vanishes during a standard observation assignment in Morocco, the San Martín brothers are pulled, yet again, into a dark underworld of organized crime, drugs, and global intrigue.

But in the seventh installment of Bonnie Ridley Kraft’s stunning suspense-thriller series, the stakes are higher than ever for covert operative Raúl San Martín, as the six-year-old boy he has come to love as a son is inadvertently dragged into a shocking morass of international corruption, underground rebellion, ethnic persecution, and ever-shifting allegiances.

Raúl is left with no choice but to step back into a life he thought he had left behind. Slipping effortlessly into his old undercover role of a capriciously violent drug trafficker, Raúl races to disentangle the complicated web that connects the illicit activities of a Spanish drug lord, the fight for survival waged by an indigenous people against an oppressive government, and the disappearance of a missing agent who just might hold the key to the secrets Raúl is desperately seeking to unravel.

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Bonnie Ridley Kraft is the masterful breakout author of six other books in the sought-after suspense-thriller series World Designs Ltd. She has travelled the world to research the stunning locations, cultures, histories, peoples, and politics that define her books, expertly spinning heart-racing stories that are as alluring as they are chilling.

Born in Buffalo, Wyoming, and having spent over a decade in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she now calls Portland, Oregon, her home—sometimes.


Bonnie Ridley Kraft

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