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My Mystical Retreat with Tom Merton cover

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    • canonization,
    • christian spirits,
    • trappist monk,
    • spirit world,
    • spiritual guide,
    • christian faith

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My Mystical Retreat with Tom Merton
by Heather E. MacKenzie

As above, so below. Trappist monk Tom Merton had been dead for 30 years when Heather E. MacKenzie met him for the first time. Their meeting was ordained by God, who needed to use her as a vessel for His truth through Merton’s spirit. Her journey of discovering her role as a holy witness to Merton’s divine life as an apostle of Christ would take her on a retreat to Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey where both Merton and the Mystical Christ appeared during the Sacrament of the Eucharist service, as an expression of God’s Love. The Trappists Order of monks in Kentucky consider themselves as apostles of Christ, and all the spiritual events described in the book were orchestrated by God to reveal that truth. God desires for people to know that Merton, who is now living in the Spirit realm, is a heavenly apostle who is working with the Christ. God decided that Heather needed to be the witness to this truth and write about it. Through His intervention she learned that there are spiritual entities who are working with Christ in the Spirit realm, and there are heavenly apostles similar to the biblical apostles who knew Jesus when he was alive on the earth. Merton is one of these heavenly apostles. The Church considers the Eucharist to be the most important sacrament of the Christian faith, and Merton is living this truth, as evident by appearing with the Mystical Eucharist Christ. My Mystical Retreat with Tom Merton celebrates his spirit more intimately than ever before.

Heather E. MacKenzie is the only person who witnessed all of the supernatural events at the monastery. Heather was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and now lives in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, where she has built a loving surrogate family of friends and neighbours through her dedication to the community. With her children grown and moved away, she has learned that God provides us with company when we need it.


Heather E. MacKenzie
Nancy Daoust

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