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PANDAS, Childhood illness, Anxiety and depression, Rare disorders, Childhood memoir, Coming of age, Medical drama

by S.E. German

The ‘Wonder’ of mental health

In his early years, Ben loved to run around, be silly and play Star Wars, Spiderman and Toy Story. Just after his sixth birthday and days before Christmas, Ben developed aggressive facial tics. His personality and behaviour changed from happy, funny, energetic and silly to anxious, obsessive, emotional, angry and depressed.

After visiting over 20 doctors, getting seven misdiagnoses and his mental health declining further, Ben is finally diagnosed with PANDAS. A little-known and understood disorder without a cure.

At eight years old, Ben and his family move to a new city to start a new life. Ben gains confidence, navigates his first crush and plays competitive sports. Throughout these experiences, Ben encounters challenges in a new school, coping with his mental health and understanding and accepting himself. Ben shares how he handles all the trials of being a middle grader with PANDAS and his unique outlook on the disorder and life.

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S.E. German has a master’s degree in Social Sciences and is passionate about environmental and health issues. She is the host of the “Learning to Slay the Beasts Podcast” and manages the accompanying blog focussed on overcoming life’s challenges, such as mental health issues, obesity, autoimmune disorders and food allergies.

She is hopeful that her first novel “Pendulum” will contribute to much needed conversations on mental health and help children to build resilience, accept themselves, see their value and respect each other’s diversity.

She writes in Ontario, Canada where she lives with her husband and two children.

IG: @saraladygluten


S.E. German

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