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Vineyard, Ego, Entrepreneurship, Keeping promises, Following your dreams, Fantasy fiction, Ego versus will

Merlot Prosper
and the Girl with a Goal
by R.K. Geetha


Karina Prashant, a gutsy girl raised by her single mother, is determined to get out of a financial rut. After inheriting an abandoned land from her father, she is compelled to move to the historic grape country to influence her fate. Her situation turns sideways when she becomes entangled with a man too big for his boots. He causes her to contend between following through on her mother’s simple wish, or honouring her father’s extraordinary work. With help from Merlot Prosper, a wise and whimsical friend, Karina must learn to steer her willpower in a way that will get her to succeed, or lose everything.

Karina does not realize that destinies will soon collide. The rise to prosperity begins with a purpose, but will Karina’s motivation withstand the weight of an ego and still be enough to get her there?

R.K. Geetha is an educational revolutionist who spends a fulfilling career working with youth in high schools. When she is not leading a school or advocating for youngsters, this southern Ontario native enjoys producing music in her studio, composing poetry, and writing short stories cadenced with insightful lines and reflective lessons. R.K. Geetha writes from inspirations of the courageous young boys and girls she has met along the way, all the while influencing her creation of Mr. Merlot Prosper.

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R.K. Geetha
Laura Catrinella

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