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Hairy Back Jack and the Three Little Hairs cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Fairy tale, Rhyming story, Life lesson, Stealing, Good versus evil, Magic power, Contrition

Hairy Back Jack and the Three Little Hairs
by Chris Perreira Jardine and Rachael Perreira Jardine

Get lost in the adventures of Hairy Back Jack and the Three Little Hairs. A rhyming, humorous, whimsical story about a man who is struggling to be a better person. Throughout his journey, Hairy Back Jack learns a very important life lesson - it is always best to do the right thing. Hairy Back Jack has three little hairs on the end of his nose, that start to grow when he is in the wrong. These hairs do not stop growing until Hairy Back Jack is able to realize his wrong doings and make things right. Become tangled in Hairy Back Jack's adventure as he buys chickens from Mrs. Dickens, befriends a bee, almost sinks his boat and ends up becoming the town hero!

Chris and Rachael married in January 2011 and shortly after purchased one way tickets to Costa Rica - looking for excitement, adventure, new challenges and the time to be creative. While teaching English abroad, they wrote a series of children’s books about their beloved dog (and travel companion) Zeppelin. These books later sparked the creation of Hairy Back Jack and the Three Little Hairs. Since moving back to Canada in late 2012, they have not stopped thinking about bringing this book to fruition. Over the years, the couple have grown their family and are expecting their third child. This heartfelt tale conveys a sounding message that they want their children and every child to know –



Chris Perreira Jardine
Joint Author
Rachael Perreira Jardine
Uliana Barabash

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