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Dictatorship, Human rights, Oppression, Suppression of free speech, Political tyrants, Activism, Fighting back

Whisper of Love in Hell
by Sam Spring Maple

Whisper of Love in Hell is a small love story set against a tremendous scene of political savagery and dogmatic religious tyranny.

Dr. Atra Tirany is a brave and principled lecturer who refuses to whitewash the truth he teaches impressionable students at his university. Such liberties are frowned upon in their country, where a dictator calls the shots, and Dr. Tirany pays the price. Along the way, he fell in love and appreciates its potency as a motivating force for change.

Throughout Whisper of Love in Hell, the message is unswerving: all people should be free to make their own life choices.

Sam Spring Maple drew on his own experience in telling this story. He has worked as a lecturer at many universities over the course of his long career and has, unfortunately, been witness to a good number of savage activities against his students and fellow citizens. He has a reputation for compassion among students, but also as an activist whose lectures sometimes contravene the word of the government.

In Whisper of Love in the Hell, Sam Spring Maple tells his story under fictional guise. He is hopeful that his illumination of this scene might encourage others in real-life dictator-led countries to take similar stands against ignorance and oppression.


Sam Spring Maple

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