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Gold mining, corporate takeover, the perfect murder, blackmail, intrigue, secrets uncovered, haunted by the past

Bay Street Blood
by Edward Hill

Nobody likes a bully, whether it is a school boy bully, political bully or a corporate bully.

Having discovered a bonanza, Rocco Manetti’s exploration company has become the target of a corporate bully – a multinational powerhouse which intends to acquire the bonanza by hook or by crook, by fair means or foul. All’s fair in love and war, and although business doesn’t waste much time on love, it certainly has a ravenous appetite for war.

Manetti, fully occupied with fending off a hostile takeover bid, is forced to simultaneously confront another threat in the form of a blackmailer who has knowledge of Manetti’s involvement in a long-ago homicide. The blackmailer soon proves to be a psychopath, which leaves Manetti in a life-or-death struggle for personal survival, as well as the life-or-death struggle for corporate survival.

Before his retirement, Edward Hill was Associate General Counsel of a multinational mining corporation, which gave him firsthand experience of corporate life in the mining industry, something that served him well in the creation of Bay Street Blood, his second book with FriesenPress.

He currently lives in Toronto, Canada.


Edward Hill

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