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Sci-fi aliens, Sci-fi alien invasion, Sci-fi UFO, Sci-fi contemporary, Sci-fi female hero, Sci-fi alien arrival, Alien fantasy mash-up

Countdown For Armagetten
The First Book of Man
by William G. Heibert

The history of Earth and humankind is not what we were taught in school. This becomes apparent when an alien ship lands in New York City in broad daylight, and its only occupant makes contact with the only human on Earth with whom he can speak telepathically—a young teenage girl who has just discovered her boyfriend is a pimp. He has come to warn us that aliens are on their way to destroy our planet, and unless we follow his instructions, humanity will be wiped out.

As world leaders argue over who will lead Earth as it prepares for the alien invasion, the young woman meets a young man who is much more powerful than she is, but he has been able to keep his abilities a secret. Together with the help of friends long thought of as myth, they concoct a plan to fend off the invaders as all of humanity struggles with the question of whether to work together to survive or die as a species.

William Heibert has worked as a caretaker in the public school system for thirty-five years. He started to write this novel after reading a comic book called Alien a month or so after the movie Alien vs. Predator came out. Convinced he could come up with a better storyline, he grabbed a pad and pencil, and twenty-five years later, here we are.

William lives in Oshawa, Ontario, with his wife, their cat, and two American bulldogs. This is his first novel.


William G. Heibert

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