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Supernatural creatures, Family, Coming of age, Teen relationships, Werewolves, Fitting in, Personal identity

A Werewolf's Tale
by Tiana Konyt

Cassie Fields has more than a few reservations when her parents decide to move the family from their remote forest home to a small city four hours away. Would she fit in? Would she make new friends? Most importantly, would anyone find out that she and her family are werewolves?

Her fears are allayed when she meets a friendly group of students at her new school, but that doesn’t last long. She soon realizes something much more sinister is happening in Crescentville. Someone—or something—is abducting supernatural beings and turning them into soulless monstrosities, and panic among her people is spreading like the plague. Fearing for her family’s safety, Cassie must rally her new friends to fight back against the evil that threatens them before they all become soldiers in a grotesque and senseless war.

Tiana Konyt always had an interest in writing. Drawing from personal experiences and a lifelong love of animals, she created this series to explore themes of acceptance, love, and camaraderie. A Werewolf’s Tale is her first novel and the premier volume in an expanding series. She grew up with family in the Niagara Region.


Tiana Konyt

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