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seeing the future, time travel, destiny, choosing love, speculative fiction, alternative timelines, near future

No Regrets
by Rhonda Allen

ASK YOURSELVES, have you lived the life you thought you would, with NO REGRETS.

What if you could see your FUTURE, would it have changed your past?

In the future where time travel exists, the government has little idea what to do with it. BUT Dr. Telsa Marks does and takes it one step farther. She spent her life developing a system called VIRTUAL LIFE VIEW. (V.L.V) Not only does it show you your future for 10 years, but it shows how life plays out in 3 separate parallels from the one PIVITOL CHOICE that altered your life's path. You may now SEE, FEEL and CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY, avoiding any REGRETS

Destiny is your to choose, What can you gain, What could you lose?

Mckenna Creed is at the age of V.L.V where she gets to see her future choices for a partner. 3 separate men, all with different personalities and lifestyles. All with a different amount of happiness.

Will you agree with her choice? would you make the same one? Do you regret the life you are living now?

They say Hindsight is 20/20 -

Rhonda Allen has degree's as a Developmental Service Worker, Behavior Modification Counselor, Reflexologist for both human and animal. She presently teaches ESL via Skype to Korean students. Her many other experiences in life have included working with Large cats including lions, tigers, jaguar, panther, cougars and lynx. Being involved in the movie industry both on and behind the camera. Live theater both on and back stage. She also performs in murder mystery dinner theater. Rhonda loves life and living it to the fullest.

She is very busy experiencing life even after her diagnoses of M.S. in 2004. Although doctors assumed she would not survive past 2006, she has recovered through Naturopathic medicine and plans to keep going.

Married 30 years has 2 grown sons , 2 grandsons and a 3rd grandchild due in Nov 2019.

She hopes the future world is one of peace, love and kindness for all creatures.


Rhonda Allen
Mike Down

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