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Good Work Done Better
Improving the Impact of Community-Based Non-Profits
by Sam Watts

Is it possible that the organizations that serve the most vulnerable people in our communities are merely applying temporary patches? Why are most North American cities unable to deal with the root causes of the social challenges they are addressing? Why are most funding models for community-based non-profits built around sustaining programs rather than creating measurable social impact?

Sam Watts, the CEO of Welcome Hall Mission in Montreal, asks some hard questions in this book, and challenges everyone—both community-based non-profit organizations (CBNPs) and donors (the rest of us)—to think seriously about the outcomes we want to see, and whether we are serious about finding permanent solutions to the societal tragedies that plague us.

Good Work Done Better: Improving the Impact of Community-Based Non-Profits makes the case that a number of critical shifts need to occur in the community-based non-profit sector. These include our perception of the problems, developing a results-oriented approach, ensuring that our activities are linked to improved outcomes, and adopting a new approach to leadership and governance of CBNPs.

"In this profound reflection on the non-profit sector and its impact on social issues, Sam challenges us to change. He asks the tough questions in a way that can be heard. Are good intentions enough? Can they cause more harm than good? Why don't we measure impact in the sector? Through his amazing storytelling, Sam validates the contributions that individuals and non-profit organizations make but also pushes us to rethink our models in order to truly put an end to the enormous social problems of our times.

I have the privilege of working alongside him to end homelessness in our city and I can see that he is not just talking the talk but he is walking the walk. This book is a guide to rethinking our practices, not only on the ground but in the boardroom too. Enjoy this thought-provoking read!"

—Michèle Chappaz, Executive Director of the Montreal Movement to end Homelessness

“Recognizing good stewardship but with an eye toward continuous improvement,

the author articulately challenges his CBNP compatriots to strive for excellence ... Eloquent tough love for nonprofit leaders.”


Sam Watts photo

Sam Watts serves at one of the largest community-based non-profit organizations in Canada. Unlike many CBNP leaders—he spent the majority of his career in the private sector. Previous to joining the Mission, he held a number of management positions in the business community and, for fourteen years, worked with leaders of large corporations as a performance improvement consultant.

Watts has written dozens of articles on leadership and management, and has had the privilege of speaking to groups in more than a dozen countries on four continents. He resides in Beaconsfield, Quebec.


Sam Watts

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