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Parenting, Family, Relationships, Calm, Chaos, Children, Growing up

Finding Calm in the Chaos
A Parenting Journey
by Leslie Ford

This book is about a parenting journey. It is a story about being born in chaos, growing up in chaos and then creating a chaos of her own.

It is a parenting book that allows you to learn through story. It is about Finding what helps you stay Calm and allowing that Calm to affect your parenting.

After my husband died, our lives went from chaos to even more chaos. I wasn't sure how we could ever find a sense of normalcy again. Soon afterwards we met Leslie and over the next 3 years she was my calm as we struggled and eventually found our new normal. I had the opportunity to read her manuscript and loved how there was a theme of sharing where she found her own Calm.

Terra, Parent/Teacher

Leslie's down-to-earth demeanour allows her to easily engage families in no-nonsense conversations about the trials and tribulations associated with Parenting.

Carla: Principal

Leslie helped me during a crisis time with my adolescent son. She was my calm and helped me find ways to stay calm. She helped me become a better parent.

Sylvie: Parent

Leslie Ford photo

Leslie is a great source of Parental insight. She has taken her own experiences and blended them with her training and work life in Mental Health. With that she offers help to parents who might be struggling or who might just need to bounce some thoughts off someone who seems to get it. She is helpful and inspiring and real. She is a good story teller, she is compassionate and above all she is very helpful.


Leslie Ford
Sarah Essak
Jill Courneyea

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