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Grieving, Loss, Death, Hiking, Friendship, Outdoor adventure, Nature

In the Shade
Friendship, Loss, and the Bruce Trail
by Marg Heidebrecht

An 885-kilometre trail, 53 hiking days over 4 years. Think mild, not wild. Reflections on the walking, the talking and, ultimately, the losing of friends.

Pam and Marg stepped away from their "to do" lists and onto the Bruce Trail. Read their tips for packed lunches and no-nonsense fashion, then follow the author’s subsequent journey as she steps back to weave together the disparate topics of friendship, loss, and the value of forests. Lyrical and insightful, these essays will engage anyone who loves nature and people, who prefers moving ahead to sitting still. People who hike, on local or distant trails, will relate to the specifics of contour maps, shuttling, buying the right size boots. People who enjoy activities accompanied by a good friend will relate to the bond that develops and deepens. People experiencing loss will relate to the restlessness and confusion that follows heartbreak. This book begins as “How to” but develops into “What now?” as Marg turns to words as a way of making sense of the world around her, steadying herself after the loss of a close friend.

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Marg Heidebrecht lives and writes in Dundas, Ontario, enfolded and influenced by the Niagara Escarpment. She recently qualified for half-price fare on public transit, but prefers, always, to walk.


Marg Heidebrecht

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