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Donald Trump, Communism, Science fiction, Time travel, Vladimir Putin, Hitler, Nazi Germany

Colonel Trump and the Thälmann Timeline
by William Cook

Every person matters in the grand scheme of things. Every action has a reaction.

When a group of Distant Origin theorists recreate the fabled Nazi time machine Die Glocke (the “Bell”) to prove their theory of mankind’s alien origins, they kick off a series of events that changes the course of history. When their maiden voyage is sabotaged, the crew find themselves stranded in New York State 1983, but it’s a very different time and place from their recorded history. Can Jake, the Professor, and their crew find a way to mend time and get back home or will they be stranded forever in the Thalmann timeline?

Colonel Trump and the Thalmann Timeline is brimming with action and romance, a Communist invasion, American soldiers, scientific theory, alternate history, and, of course, Colonel Trump.

William Cook is a full-time farmer in Bruce County, Ontario.


William Cook

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