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Farmer Arnold's Barnyard Book Two cover

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farm animals, farmer, farm life, country, animal stories, short stories, young readers

Farmer Arnold's Barnyard Book Two
by M. E. Hulme

Do animals like to have their picture taken? How do chickens learn to scratch in the dirt for worms? Do pigs like music? What about turkeys? Where do kittens like to sleep? Do pigs like to take a bath? To find out, join the animal friends in Farmer Arnold’s barnyard. They all look out for each other and have lots of fun. Sometimes they have work to do, but they also have time to play and even have a few adventures. There’s never a dull moment on Farmer Arnold’s farm!

Farmer Arnold's Barnyard Book Two is filled with twenty-four short stories that will help young readers learn about farm life, along with some important lessons about safety, manners, and being kind to others. Perfect as a read-aloud book or a book for early readers, this delightful collection will both educate and entertain.

M.E. Hulme lives with husband (Farmer Arnold!) and a border collie on a farm in rural Manitoba. Many of her story ideas and characters (like Popeye the dog) are based on real animals and events from their everyday life. Hulme has nine grandchildren and invented many of her stories for them. This is her second “Farmer Arnold” book, and her fans will be delighted at the return of many of her lovable characters from book one.


M. E. Hulme

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