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Snails, Childhood, Gross food, Bugs, Eating bugs, Childhood memories, Disgusting food

by Paula G.

This slimy scenario started in our yard during the summer months. As we told the story over and over throughout the years it became such a family favorite. A great laugh for all of us. It well deserves to be preserved and shared as a family memoir with the rest of the world so you can laugh along with us.

Little did I know this family favorite would make an author out of an inexperienced senior like me!!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it, gathering artwork of my three daughters (which I have been saving for years) to make it a complete family project.

So above all and most of all I want to thank my three precious illustrators from the bottom of my heart. First of all, for allowing me to include their artwork and secondly for all of their suggestions along the way......

Recently I asked them: If you can think of anything I should add to the story please let me know. I'm so grateful I asked because that's where I found the title of my book. From one of my precious illustrators. It pays to speak up and write a book!

Paula G. photo

These pre-school shenanigans of a little 2 year old boy drove me to become an author. It certainly has been an exciting journey so far. It has made me realize how many crazy humorous scenarios

from childhood can be preserved this way.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of other family stories I would love to see in print.

As adults, during family dinners and reunions the snail stories always came up. We would ask Mom questions like: "Mom, was Glen ever sick from his snail slurping days? Mom always said: Naaaww! Never sick a day in his life. Healthiest kid in town. Energy to burn.

Yes, history was made on Middle Road (up over the tracks) way past the Maritimes.

The precious echoes of a true family sitcom will resonate through our childhood memories in print.

We no longer have to tell this story at family gatherings. They'll have a copy of my book, which we can discuss during dinner.

Just don't serve me HELIX POMATIA. Snails. Yummy yum yum? Hummmm? Not so much.

Till my next book, I remain, Yours truly, Paula G.


Paula G.
Baby D.
Baby M.

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