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The Book on Ending Homelessness
by Iain De Jong

The Book on Ending Homelessness provides insights for those in the industry, elected officials, policy makers, funders, public servants and the general public on the best ways to move from managing homelessness to ending homelessness. While ending homelessness may seem to be a whacky or even preposterous idea, Iain De Jong takes more than two decades of experience as an award winning industry leader to lay out how and why homelessness can be ended in very practical ways. This book will provoke and teach, serving as both inspiration and an instruction manual for those serious about combatting one of the most important social issues of our time. The book will reshape how you think about homelessness, as well as how strategies like sheltering, street outreach and day services all play a role in ending homelessness when operated with a housing-focused lens and the right service orientation. No doubt the book will reassure some that their thinking and actions regarding homelessness are bang on, while challenging others to think and respond differently in what they do and how they invest their money. Many of the ideas in the book elaborate upon ideas that Iain shares in his blog, keynote speeches and conference presentations, as well as the training series that Iain and his team have been offering for the past decade. If you are involved in homelessness issues or concerned about homelessness, this book is essential reading.

“This is a book anyone with even an inkling of desire to end homelessness ought to read. Iain deftly cuts through the myths and noise that surrounds homelessness and drives right to the stuff that works to solve it. Most importantly what Iain offers is not what should work or could work or might work. What Iain presents here is what has worked. He takes on some of the thorniest and most challenging aspects of homelessness directly, and steps the reader through a variety of solutions.” Tim Richter, President & CEO, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness "Iain’s work has transformed our experience of homelessness as a hopeless social dilemma to a solvable challenge. He is the social revolutionary our nation has needed for decades." Michael J. Raposa, CEO, St. Vincent de Paul CARES “Our organization has become better because of Iain’s ideas and training. He challenged us to be unrelenting in ending homelessness.” Karen Santilli, President & CEO, Crossroads Rhode Island "Time is running out for people on the street. We must use tools that work best. Take this book and go do that. Tick tock." Zach Brown, CEO, West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness

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Iain De Jong has worked for non-profits, government and the private sector on homelessness issues for more than two decades. He is recognized as an industry leader for his work on the SPDAT assessment tools, reorganizing shelters and street outreach programs to become housing-focused, and his leadership development and coaching with industry professionals. He has been a direct service provider, funder, policy maker, university professor, researcher, coach and advisor. For almost a decade, Iain has been leading the team of merry misfits at OrgCode Consulting, Inc. Iain’s blog on homelessness is read by thousands, and he is a frequent keynote presenter and conference contributor. His work as a consultant, coach, trainer and positive disrupter takes him throughout the developed world about 280 days a year, though he calls Oakville, Ontario, Canada home on weekends where he lives with his incredible wife and four amazing children.


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