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Children’s illustrated book, Species conservation, Children’s shark story, Predatory animal story, Marine pollution, Environmental protection, Respect for natural world

Julie and the Monster in the Sea
by Gwendolyn Burko

Jump into an underwater adventure with a young girl named Julie.

She enjoys exploring the ocean. Julie wants to be friends with a shark who swims by her, yes a shark! Julie is not afraid of him. The story has a twist, as she discovers that the shark is sad because his world is dying and he does not know why. Julie is convinced she can help but the shark thinks it’s too late. Julie explains to the shark that with the help from her friends there is hope. It is a story about awareness and understanding of the impact we all have on our oceans. We need to learn more about the creatures that we may fear or have been told to fear. We need to learn more about sharks so that we can turn that terror into respect and understand why it is so important to protect a species. The author wants to tell a story about a monster, but the monster is not who you assume it to be. It is a story in hopes to create awareness…. Monsters do exist, but they are man-made and need to be cleaned up.

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Gwendolyn Burko is a farmer, a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls. She lives in a small town in central Saskatchewan. While her “roots” are in the prairies, she loves to travel and explore our beautiful planet. Her favorite destination is near an ocean. It is there that she uncovers the inspiration to write about the creatures that inhabit our global waters. Her objective is to continue the trend of creating awareness and excitement towards preservation, especially at a young age. She believes that you are never too young to start learning about the role of conservation, but it starts with an understanding. It’s like cleaning up after you’ve played at someone’s house! She also hopes to expose misconceptions and fear towards other living creatures and their habitat. It is with fear and misunderstanding of a species that we feel no great loss once they disappear from our planet, especially if we are not made aware of their importance. Her vision is to send a message through her characters, to speak up for those who cannot and to encourage a greater appreciation and value towards our surroundings, but through the hearts and minds of a child, naive and full of potential. Gwendolyn encourages people to explore and enjoy our beautiful oceans but to remember, you are sharing space with other creatures, you are a visitor in their homes, be respectful. Be a protector of our oceans and encourage others. Be an inspiration towards a healthy planet so that we can all continue to enjoy this beautiful world for generations to come.


Gwendolyn Burko

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