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Faith, Spirituality, Christianity, Relevance of religion, Questioning faith, Abundant living, Finding meaning

Wandering the Wilderness
A Guide for Weary Wanderers and Searching Skeptics
by Ray R. Friesen

Wandering the Wilderness is a guidebook for individuals who are unsure of their path or are questioning the trails they were taught in the past. Author Ray Friesen is a former pastor and at the same time a life long “believing skeptic.” He’s an advocate for “abundant living” and the guideposts that mark it, as outlined by “Wholehearted Living” researcher Dr. Brené Brown (The Gifts of Imperfection). This informs Friesen’s thoughtful submission for a renewed approach to finding meaning in a life informed by the Bible in a time when the relevance of those Ancient Writings is often thrown into question.

In Wandering the Wilderness, Friesen has us stop, listen, and learn at thirteen “trail posts” along life’s pilgrimage. In addition to Brown, he draws on the Ancient Writings (Bible) with the help of scholars like Walter Brueggemann, Eugene Peterson, and Peter Enns. All of this is shaped in the context of his personal life experiences, including his journey with cancer and chemotherapy. The result is a book for all who are looking for a path in their own wilderness. He invites the reader to understand that developing a Christian faith and spirituality can help re energize a life at times burdened with difficulty or plagued with aimlessness, even, maybe especially, in this post-modern age.

Here is a thoughtful, informed guide for wanderers weary from the journey and skeptics wondering where or if faith still matters. Whether you read it alone or with fellow wanderers and/or skeptics wishing to believe, Wandering the Wilderness has the potential to transform your wandering.

Ray Friesen, BTh, BA, MA, is a life-long preacher who has worked at making Ancient Writings relevant in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. He has much appreciation for those who may have grown up Christian but now tend toward agnosticism. He is always reading, thinking, asking questions, and learning.

Friesen lives in Swift Current, SK, with Sylvia, his wife of more than forty years. They have two adult daughters, Larissa and Rachelle, both of whom are social activists and, along with their partners, Adam and Sam, regularly challenge, inspire and teach their father. His newest inspiration: Aubrey Diedre, who joined the family in spring, 2019. Friesen is semi-retired. He spent twenty-one years as a pastor in two different Mennonite Church Canada congregations and he continues to operate a mediation practice. For more work by Friesen, see Jump into the Story: The Art of Creative Preaching, published in 2019.


Ray R. Friesen

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