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Theology, Roman Catholic Church, Romance, World War II romance, Priest love, Spiritual odyssey, Spiritual alienation

Picnic On Raspberry Island
by Brent Spiess

This novel brings to life the love story between a priest and a teacher that is set in a small French Canadian village on the prairie of western Canada during the Second World War. The love between them becomes the catalyst for a spiritual odyssey, which carries them into a vast, heroic view of how Christianity must be revived, so it once again can find it’s rightful place and role in western civilization.

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Brent Spiess is a new and original voice in Canadian literature who is from the west of Canada. He has directed many independent films throughout his life and has had, in particular, an eye and a heart for the injustices that abound in society. His film work brought him into contact with an astonishing array of colorful characters, and as a result, one can see how this experience got translated into his fascination for unconventional and nonconformist heroes in this novel. Spiess has written a number of feature film scripts, many short stories and is a filmmaker with a background in cultural anthropology, which is reflected in his sensitive and insightful interpretation of French Canadian culture on the prairie. For Spiess, the writing of this novel, became in many ways, a delightful and fitting homage to the French speaking people who inhabited "Le Petit Quebec" and still do.


Brent Spiess

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