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Slime Queen
Journey of a Nine Year Old Entrepreneur
by Alayna Ffrench

"To my young readers: Remember, you are never too young to have dreams and aspire to reach your goals. Being yourself is the best thing because you are unique and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to."

Love, Alayna Ffrench.

Alayna Ffrench is the Slime Queen, the boss of her very own slime empire. With kindness, inspiration, mindfulness, and encouragement, Alayna walks her readers through the step-by-step process that she took to become an entrepreneur at age nine. Alayna has many gifts, dreams, and passions: not only is she skilled at creating perfect slime, she loves fashion and crafts, and she wants to help other entrepreneurs find their “inner cookie mould” and achieve their goals. In SLIME QUEEN: Journey of a Nine-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Alayna shares eight essential business tips that she built her business on.

Get a glimpse into the Slime Queen’s world in this entertaining guide to becoming a young business owner.

"Embrace your inner cookie mould" "Ignite your inner passion"

"Never Give Up"

Alayna Ffrench and Alayna Ffrench photo

Alayna Ffrench is a young entrepreneur. She lives in Grimsby, Ontario, with her mom, three siblings, and two skinny pigs, Daisy and Tootsie.


Alayna Ffrench

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