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Target Audience:
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Emotional intelligence, Self-awareness, Yoga for children, interconnectedness, uniqueness, self-esteem, Nature

Be Like A Tree
by Leanne Whiting

Inspiration Behind the Book

“Look deep into Nature, then you will understand everything better”

—Albert Einstein

About 3.2 km along Rogart Trail at Sugar Moon Farm in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, stands a tree. Every winter when I hike this trail, this tree stands out to me, as it stands uniquely in Tree Pose [Vrksasana], the common yoga pose used to foster both inner and outer strength and stability. When the tree caught my eye just as sharply the second time as the first, this story unfolded in my head for the remaining 2.8 kilometres. I wrote it all down upon reaching the warm fire at Sugar Moon Farm.

The tree demonstrates practices of movement, awareness, and empathy with himself and the boy. The role of nature is also important, an opportunity to connect with ourselves, with others, and with all creatures, to feel connected to the beauty of the world we live in as a mirror to connect to ourselves and stand in our own beauty.

It is my hope that this story will encourage you to spend time in Nature, to practice yoga, and to use the skills of empathy to live peacefully and compassionately to yourself and to others. Be Like a Tree connects the qualities of the heart of humans and nature alike.

May we all be like a tree and use the practices to breathe and tap deep into our roots to be our own unique selves.

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Leanne Whiting is an elementary school teacher and yoga instructor renowned for her creative and playful teachings of yoga through story. She owns Grow a Lotus Yoga School, a school dedicated to embodying the practices of yoga through movement, mindfulness, and empathy. Leanne’s children yoga teacher training program has certified educators worldwide. Leanne practices yoga with attention to subtle alignment in the body, inquiry and discovery of the mind, and a playful enthusiasm of the heart. It is with this intention that she aims to support others in living life fully and to their highest potential. Leanne lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she spends her time stand up paddle boarding on the waters of Atlantic Canada and hiking trails throughout the province.


Leanne Whiting

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