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American Dreamer, Hispanic Immigrants, Teaching ESL, Self-esteem, Prejudice & Racism, Family & Friendship, Community

It's How We Survive
The Tale of an American Dreamer
by Susan Streetman

Twelve-year-old Lucia Sanchez has faced prejudice and challenges as an American Dreamer ever since she arrived in the United States at the age of five. Yet, with the help of a school friend and a wise and caring teacher, Lucia not only survives but thrives. Lucia finds purpose as a peer tutor and courage as she opens up to her English teacher through her poetry. But how will she manage to run the household, care for her little sister, and keep up with her schoolwork in her mom’s prolonged absence?

Wish. What do I wish? Do wishes come true? I wish they wouldn’t whisper. I wish I didn’t know the secret, but I do. Do wishes come true for someone like me or Maria? Why not us? Don’t we deserve to wish for a better life?—Lucia

It’s How We Survive is about survival, hope, and the love of a family. It will touch the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds.

SUSAN STREETMAN KNEW that she would be a teacher as a seven-year-old who lined up her dolls and little sister for their daily lessons. She has spent 35 years drawing inspiration from the middle schoolers who walked into her classroom and into her heart. Their diverse stories became hers, and the desire to share their hopes became her dream.

Streetman lives in her hometown of Crawfordsville, Indiana. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, and taking long walks along Sugar Creek.

Her three sons encouraged her to pursue her writing dream, resulting in It’s How We Survive, Streetman’s first novel. She is currently working on another Lucia Sanchez story, following her protagonist after she graduates from college and begins teaching.


Susan Streetman

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