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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

self-confidence, perseverance, support system, family support, adventure, magical quest, teamwork

The Queen Bakes A Pie
by Julie Kelly

Princess Emersen and her family embark on a magical quest to help the queen find the right ingredients to bake the perfect pie for the annual Queen’s Baking Competition. Although the queen is hesitant to enter the competition and is filled with self-doubt, the support and encouragement from her loving family motivates her to compete.

Leading by example and determined to raise a strong daughter, the queen teaches Emersen the importance of determination, self-discipline, and hard work as she herself discovers what it means to be passionate about something and have a goal to strive for.

A story about self-confidence, perseverance, and teamwork, The Queen Bakes a Pie is a must-read for all children.

"In this debut children’s book, a queen’s family encourages her to overcome self-doubt and enter a bake-off. In her enjoyable book, Kelly gives a new twist to the usual story of parents encouraging reluctant kids to test themselves. The quest also gives the family a chance to demonstrate problem-solving skills, such as figuring out how to cross a precarious plank-and-rope bridge. Fortunately, the inspirational messages aren’t overly obvious thanks to the plot’s comical escapades and vivid writing.

A fun family adventure told with humor and sweetness."

- Kirkus Reviews

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Julie Kelly is a work-at-home mom and the founder of Screw Perfection, an online business that motivates and inspires others to achieve their goals and heal their way to a healthier and happier version of themselves. Julie was inspired to write this book because of her own recent journey—she lost 175 pounds and won first place in a fitness transformation competition! Her success story was even published in the 2020 winter edition of Oxygen Magazine.

Her daughter inspired her to complete her transformation because she wanted to show her that anything was possible. Julie loves to read, travel, and keep active through fitness. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband, daughter, and their dog, Prince. The Queen Bakes a Pie is her first children’s book.


Julie Kelly
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