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Teen elemental fantasy, Teen elemental magic, Teen magic & romance, Teen elemental school series, Magic, Fantasy, Elementals

The Lost Temple
by Alessia Dickson

After fleeing Magnorium, the school for teenage Elementals, Alyssa, Amber, Zack, and Haven journey into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It’s a race against time to defeat the Society – a group of evil Elementals working towards world domination.

To defeat the Society, Alyssa and her friends must find the first of four magical crystals, necessary to create the Orb, a weapon of great power. As Alyssa makes new allies and faces enemies, she must tackle the natural and supernatural dangers in the Amazon.

Tasked with battling Supernatural creatures and searching for a lost temple, Alyssa and her friends uncover dark secrets as they journey into the heart of the Amazon. Tensions run high as Alyssa questions the loyalties of those around her. After all, who can you trust when betrayal lurks in the shadows?

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Alessia Dickson is the award-winning teen author of The Crystal Chronicles book series. Since publishing The Crystal Chronicles at age sixteen, she has been interviewed for television, magazines, newspapers, and has won awards for excellence in youth fiction. Currently, Alessia spends her time working on her third book and touring schools to inspire the love of reading. To learn more about Alessia and to check out other cool things, please visit her website at


Alessia Dickson

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