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Flowsong, Pythagorean vowels, power of music, power of singing, the GloHearts, singing friends, life-changing music

An Introduction to FlowSong by Gina Williams

11 year old Flo Song dives into Puget Sound every day. Her favorite thing is to travel the world with her band, The GloHearts. Together, in their music powered vessel, the Friend-Ship, they Explore, Discover, Learn, Grow, and Create together. Do you want to learn how to create your dreams too? Would you like to join the adventure? Playful rhymes, dynamic illustrations, and centuries-old musical wisdom come together in this introductory book. Get into the Flo!

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What did you want to be when you were a kid?

A Disney animator. I watched a documentary when I was six that said all the animators were male. No girls allowed. I sadly decided I would have to do something else. I spent most of my life trying until I gave up on not being myself and just started drawing cartoons.

Who influenced your creativity the most?

My parents. My mom used to hide my coloring books. She thought they were ruining my imagination and wanted me to draw my own pictures to color. My dad is the kind of person who is super playful and never gives up.

What is YOUR heart compass pointing to?

The infinite variety of creative expression. That was what I loved most as a child and it’s what I love most still. Everyone has something like that. Something they valued as a kid that will be the same no matter what age they are. If FlowSong could help a single person know their deepest love and express it fully, my work will have fulfilled its purpose.


Gina Williams

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