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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Germs, Spreading germs, Illness, Disease, Health, Colds and flu, School children

Germ Concern
by Matthew Mikos

A Germatic and emphatic message for the kids.

A Germtastic package wrapped and stacked with practice.

Germthusiastic captions paired with scary pathogens.

A Germerrific assortment made for reader enjoyment.

Germ Concern, is a children’s book that raises public health concerns by informing children about the risks and remedies of constant and inevitable germ contact. Children of all ages will enjoy the fun rhyming scheme and the vibrant, imaginative illustrations as they portray germs interfering with our everyday lives. Germ Concern will catch your attention, emphasize caution, and teach us how to accept and cope with some of Life’s challenges.

Matthew Mikos is a High School Art Teacher, Artist, Musician, and Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. He lives in Wrightville, Pennsylvania. "Germ Concern” is his first publication with many more to come. Words and Illustrations are inspired by life and family with a positive, encouraging, and educational message. Being a father propels Matthew into the creative worlds of his children.The content and subject matter of his books stem from real-life situations resulting an endless supply of writing material. Matthew reads to his children every night and understands the importance of reading material that is great for the children and also fun for the parents to experience. Matthew welcomes readers into his world of children’s literature and art.


Matthew Mikos

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