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ABCs Are Delicious
by Heather Stephens

Little ones love food!

With all the amazing flavours and textures food has to offer, every meal can be an adventure and every snack an exciting journey into something new. Since little ones love stories as well, and soon will be wanting to read them all on their own, what better way to teach them their ABCs than by pairing the two?

In this colourful and mouth-watering book, each letter of the alphabet is matched up with something delicious―some familiar and some they have likely yet to try.

From tasty apples to yummy zucchini cake, learning your ABCs with the help of delicious food is a wonderful way to learn, but be careful: You might get hungry along the way!

About the Author

With over twenty-years experience in the finance industry, as well as a Fellowship with the Canadian Securities Institute, Heather Stephens might seem an unlikely author of children’s fiction, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A lifelong bookworm, who has always dreamt of becoming an author, Heather has been writing since she was quite young. She even won an award, as a 4-H member, for a short story she wrote as a teenager.

After her daughter was born, and together they read through a library’s worth of children’s books, she was inspired to pick up her pen once more and write something that her daughter, and other children like her, would enjoy―something that was both fun and educational. She hopes that ABCs Are Delicious will be enjoyed by children and their parents as much as she and her daughter enjoyed those stories that inspired its creation.

Heather currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her husband, Mike, her daughter, Curalise, and her white cat, Tita.

About the Illustrator

Cyndi Stephens lives in small, cozy town in Manitoba, Canada with her husband James and her four wonderful children. She is thankful for her parents who supported her love of art from an early age. Cyndi lived and breathed in the art room during high school and continues to create her masterpieces with her own children, friends, and the community. Cyndi has been a teacher for over a decade and she continues to express her creativity in the classroom.


Heather Stephens
Cyndi Stephens

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