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Prosthetics, Understand Disability, Children's Story, Accessibility Story, Children's Learning, Overcoming Disability, Let's Play.

Let's Go
by Brenda E. Koch

What makes you unique? For some of us, part of what makes us unique is that we need help doing the sorts of things that other people do without thinking. Bobby is just like that. Sometimes, he wears a prosthetic to help him walk, and other times he needs a wheelchair to get around.

It can be hard for some of us to imagine what that would be like, but Bobby is happy to explain his experiences. Along the way, Bobby explains big words like “prosthetics” and “accessibility.” He wants to help us understand what it’s like to live with a disability, so that we won’t be afraid of, or feel bad for, people who are different from us. Come along as Bobby demonstrates how we are all just people, and we can all be friends. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s Go!

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Educated as an Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner and Early Childhood Educator, Brenda E. Koch has worked and volunteered with children for over thirty years.

For most of her life, Brenda’s mother (who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Brenda was just a little girl) lived in a hospital. During their many visits, Brenda found herself becoming increasingly aware of how people with disabilities are viewed by others. That awareness was the inspiration for this series of books for young children, delving into this sensitive and important subject.

Let’s Go! is the second book in the series, following Let’s Play!, which introduced readers to the concept of people living with disabilities, while celebrating the many ways people are unique, diverse, and the same all at once.

Currently living in Welland, Ontario, Brenda enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

She can often be found swimming at the YMCA and biking with her dog Kilo.


Brenda E. Koch

What People are Saying

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