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Sci-fi, Aliens, Short fiction, UFOs, Young adult fiction, Fiction, Adventure

They Do!
Second Story: What would you have done?
by Larry Hopewell

The book is about a young man who went fishing and he wanted to take the camera to take a picture of the big fish he was going to catch. He got to his destination and once he got there he noticed a UFO hovering over the nuclear plant. He went for his Camera to take a picture of UFO, The camera flashed after he took the picture. The UFO moved in his direction and a beam of light came down on him from the UFO. Bobby, woke up 3-4 hours later without a fish and in a daze. He couldn't quite remember what happened. So he decided to drive home. On his way home his thoughts began to resurface.

Needing some allies and not knowing whether to talk to the FBI or the police, Bobby turned to his and high school science teacher, Mr. Spizer.

Larry Hopewell, the author of this book, as a child used to lay on the grass, staring up at the sky and wonder whether there is any other form of life that exists apart from what we see on earth. After speaking to people who have had first hand experiences with extra- terrestrials he believes wholeheartedly in the existence of UFOs. There is a biblical saying "God is the Lord of all the worlds" which reinforced his beliefs in extra-terrestrial beings. Although he himself has not had an encounter of the third kind, he continues to keep his eyes in the skies, in the hope of one day catching a glimpse of a ship from another world.


Larry Hopewell

What People are Saying

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