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    Snow Burn

    Book One of the Dorcha Fola Series by

    Jo Collins is, like a lot of teenagers, bored and can’t wait to leave home when she graduates—bored with her predictable suburban parents, immature peers, unchallenging schoolwork, and her seemingly empty life. But on the night she is supposed to ...

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    Behavior–modifying lights? Where did they come from — and why are they here? Six teens investigate these lights, which they dub ‘Shades’. With the guidance of a wise Purple Shade, the Aureaders learn about the Shades and experience enhanced ...

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    Shine Your Light


    Paige Maddison is only 17 years old, but many know her spirit is ageless. She holds the gift of seeing beyond the layers of our reality, the courage to battle the evils that threaten to tear those layers apart, and the key to an ancient mystery that ...

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    Diary of a Teenage Empath

    The Awakening by

    Fifteen-year-old Jenny knows she isn’t normal. She can’t tolerate being in a crowd, being touched, being near certain people, or sometimes just being. Then she meets a group of friends at her new school and learns that, like them, she is actually an ...

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    Eleanora Stone has spent her entire life moving from place to place with her aunt Ada, never putting down roots. Never making friends. When, on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, she is brought to a remote island off the coast of Maine to live, ...