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A Career In International Trade
Living the Dream
by Marvin Hough

Few careers are more exciting than those in the domain of international trade. Dynamic, fast-paced, and cosmopolitan, you would be hard-pressed to find a more exhilarating professional pursuit—and for those of us with a penchant for travel and learning new things, hardly anything could be more thrilling. But how to break into such a wide-ranging, ever-changing domain? Enter A Career in International Trade - Living the Dream, a practical introductory guide to the thrilling arena of international trade. Drawing on his decades-long experience as a trade practitioner alongside the accounts of over twenty modern-day professionals involved in cross-border commerce, author Marvin Hough sketches the contours of the essential issues for someone to consider when entering the field, from more enduring questions—like those around bridging cultural and linguistic difference—to more timely concerns, such as dealing with supply chain disruptions. Some of the key issues addressed include . . . • The unique—and uniquely accessible—opportunities available in international trade, including travelling the world, learning new languages and cultures, and broadening one’s overall perspective • The wide variety of career options in the industry, from market researcher to risk manager, company accountant to trade lawyer • The skills necessary to keep up in this competitive arena, and ways to continually hone them—including industry-respected programs and certifications • The nature of the fast-moving changes currently shaping and expected to shape the field into the future With its practical focus, A Career in International Trade - Living the Dream is the perfect helpful, educative resource for anyone looking to break into the electrifying world of international trade.

As a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) with decades of experience as an international trade practitioner, professor, and business leader, Marvin Hough knows the industry inside and out. Anyone considering a career in international trade would do well to read his considerable insights on the global business environment and how to get started in this rewarding field. Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

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With more than forty years’ experience in the field under his belt, author Marvin Hough has long found himself answering the questions of young professionals—including his students and mentees—about international trade, particularly concerning how to get established. With thirty years as a trade practitioner and ten in international business teaching and mentoring, this is no wonder. As President of his international business consulting firm, MIRA and a member of the Forum for International Trade Training and the Canadian International Council, few are as well-positioned as Hough to author a practical guide such as this—the first of many books he hopes to write on the subject. His passion and expertise drive him both in writing about and working in the field. Hough lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his spouse Genoveva. Interested in getting in touch? You can reach him on LinkedIn or through his website at


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