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Target Audience:
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Anxiety, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Coming of age Teen, anxiety Children’s health, School counselling

The Girl Who Lost Her Joy
Until she discovered her superpowers
by DPA Weston

Once there was a girl who lost her joy ... until she discovered her superpowers.

Based on a true story, this book highlights how an anxiety disorder can explain children’s behaviour in school and at home and the struggle and frustration that follows for children, their parents, and their teachers. This book shares strategies on how to deal with anxiety issues and how to manage the resultant behaviour.

The book also recognizes a common family arrangement where children are parented by families who live separately but parent together. The book, The Girl Who Lost Her Joy, shows how all people can overcome a mental health challenge through persistence, resilience, and a growth mindset.

DPA Weston, the author, is an elementary teacher who works with students with special education needs in Ontario, Canada. In addition to teaching, Dr. Weston is a writer, instructor, volunteer, and advocate for human rights. DPA Weston loves helping students discover their own super powers.

Amanda Shotton, the illustrator, is an artist with a background in advertising and computer animation who lives in Ontario, Canada. Ms. Shotton loves to show the beauty of life and tell stories with her art.


DPA Weston
Amanda Shotton

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